Q&A with Simeio’s new CEO – Chris Schueler

In welcoming Chris Schueler, we wanted to share this Q&A on what to expect from our new CEO and his approach to a dynamic company in a market that’s always in motion.

Welcome Chris! What excites you most about joining Simeio?

Chris: Simeio has an amazing technology and service platform for growth. We have a strategic position in front of mission-critical applications and data, many of which have yet to be fully integrated into identity and privacy governance. I find our ability to make these applications and data safer, more private, and seamlessly integrated into the IAM ecosystem an exciting and winning combination.

What can we expect as your first order of business at Simeio?

Chris: Simeio has been extremely successful in building and leading the market for managed IAM solutions. In my first weeks here, I really want to understand what has made the company so effective; how the culture shapes our decisions; and how the solutions and partnerships inform our long-term strategy. Having an appreciation of what got us to where we are today, is what will inform and help me, with the insights for what’s ahead, and the reactions we need to make in a changing market, evolving customer requirements, and emerging technologies. I believe Simeio will do much more than simply adapt to these changes. I believe the company has what it takes to lead the way, and continue to thrive.

Can you describe your leadership style?

Chris: The leadership qualities I value most are courage and generosity. Courage is fundamental because without it you can’t have truthful and difficult conversations that bring about change. Generosity is equally essential, because generous leaders invest their time with people, by listening, motivating, guiding, and sharing their passion. I think you’ll find that the most successful teams have in common an ample measure of courage and generosity.

How will you cultivate Simeio’s platform for growth?

Chris: A vital influence for our success is having a culture that’s service-centric. For technology companies like Simeio, our competitiveness is in the hands of our customers. As companies develop and grow, employees become more removed from direct customer contact. That can lead to other challenges, as they start to put more stock in their own view of the truth, rather than what the market tells them. For me, an unyielding focus on the customer is the best defense against the big egos.

When you’re not working, what’s life like for you?

Chris: I always want to spend as much time as I can with my family. My wife and I have three girls, who are involved in many activities. We love being outdoors, hiking, camping, paddle-boarding and biking. Of course, those are the joys I have when I’m not doing the second most fulfilling activity of life - chauffeuring my kids around to their many activities.