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Simeio Solutions' identity-as-a-service, Identity Orchestrator, gets perfect or high marks in the most recent KuppingerCole's Leadership Compass. 

In this rapidly emerging market, identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) identity governance and administration (IGA) is quickly being adopted by enterprises across the market due to improved time-to-value of this investment. Read more from Martin Kuppinger on why organizations are turning to IDaaS IGA solutions and the leaders in this sector.

Secure your future growth without affecting your business. Simeio Solutions protects your digital name (or your online identity) and accounts. Simeio has transformed from a systems integrator to a pure IAM player within the market with full IDaaS capabilities.

With our strong experience in managed services, consulting, and implementation, Simeio has forged partnerships with some of the biggest names in the IAM industry and has been the preferred partner for many within this report. Through this strong and proven foundation, Simeio has placed its expertise and wish list of features into our very own IAM platform, Identity Orchestrator (IO). 

In the most recent KuppingerCole Leadership Compass IDaaS - IGA, Simeio Solutions' IO was given perfect or high marks in the following areas:  

Martin Kuppinger also covers Simeio’s identity proofing solution, Identity Vault, “for critical B2C and G2C use-cases, particularly for banking and government organizations. By establishing trust in a user’s identity through a score demonstrating the strength of assurance in the given identity. Providing broad authentication support, contextual authentication is offered as an add-on.” 

Kuppinger further writes, “Simeio IDaaS comes with a strong support for Identity Provisioning and Access Governance, covering most of the common use cases. They provide good support for connecting back to on premises systems as well as broad support for SaaS target systems. Access Reviews, workflow support for request and approval, and a range of other capabilities are supported. Furthermore, Simeio integrates well with various other solutions in areas such as Threat Monitoring or Enterprise Mobility Management.” 

Read some of the key points of this report below as written by Martin Kuppinger. 

Key points from Martin Kuppinger:

  • Improved time-to-value proposition prioritizes adoption of IDaaS for traditional IGA use cases, helping IDaaS IGA to increasingly become the preferred choice of customers for IAM purchases globally.

  • IDaaS IGA, as the market is termed, has observed a significant growth in terms of new IAM (Identity and Access Management) purchases and is emerging as one of the fastest-growing markets of IAM characterized by cloud-based delivery of traditional IAM services.

  • Supporting hybrid IT environments is amongst the main challenges for IDaaS, across all areas. Connecting back to legacy web applications is more challenging than with most on-premise solutions, and Identity Provisioning as well. This needs to be kept in mind and carefully considered during choosing an IAM solution. 

  • IDaaS starting to dominate new IAM purchases for most use-cases across the industry verticals.

  • IDaaS delivery model with its significant business value in terms of better flexibility and time to value has become a strong enabler of CIAM. 

  • Strong alternative for organizations to replace existing on-premises IAM deployments. 

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